In this message, Sornia discusses this important phase of the ascension process we are in. Our attention on the emotional body is the focus right now and all the unresolved emotions that are yet to be understood in a conscious way are coming up for all to make a choice on whether to retain them or release them. Some of these emotions coming up are emotions that have been embedded in the soul for thousands and thousands of years, so we have grown accustomed to them. But Spirit is assisting us through this process so that we can once again, remember the truth of who we really are. Put fear aside and make every attempt to not bury the emotions that resurface because this will only increase the external experiences that are creating the discomfort. This is happening not as a punishment, but because we are strong, eternal beings claiming our sovereignty.

We are in the phase of the ascension of consciously claiming our sovereignty with all our beingness. The divine feminine energy is of the greatest assistance in this process. Our ability to feel our own sovereignty will come through our ability to look at what it is emotionally that is our bugaboo, our demon (so to speak) in the corner – that “thing” that we have been avoiding for so long that is has become comfortable even though we don’t like it.

What can we do when these debilitating emotions come up? We can monitor our feelings, every day and say “I do not give permission for this emotion to be a part of my system. I am a sovereign being. I am an eternal being and I am free to express myself as a sovereign divine being.” Do it with bravery and firmness but be gentle and compassionate.

Sornia reminds us to trust in our own ability to free ourselves and to know ourselves as a divine expression in human form. This is the truth of the ascension, and this is what we are doing.

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