In this message, Sornia shares that we are moving into a heart-centered world and that we will be able to feel our way through our experiences and able to love each other with greater depth and security.

Sornia also discusses love. Love in the universal sense and the human sense. So many of us love each other in very limited ways because we are afraid of violating someone’s privacy or afraid we won’t be loved back in the same way. These are very human and limiting ways we experience love. But, the eternal part of us the “eternal you” that is having a human experience, understands that love has no limits. There is nothing more powerful than universal love and this universal love is our true nature. We are that love. Sornia shares that it is vital that we understand the immense and incredible power that universal love is, that unconditional universal love because we are going to need the strength that knowing that love will give in the upcoming times.

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