In this message from Sornia, we learn that there is a small group of beings that are reincarnating on earth not through birth but through arrival. This group of beings is fully evolved and is fully aware of being in earth reality and nonphysical reality at the same time. They are here to assist humanity to awaken.

In the coming months, many may be confused, and those things that have been hidden will continue to be revealed. As more is revealed and the human beings on the planet expand their awareness and understanding of how they have been deceived, many of us lightworkers have shifted what it is we want for ourselves and our fellow human beings. Many have expressed a desire to stay in third-dimensional earth to continue to assist.

We have worked to open the doorways to fifth-dimensional reality, and these will not close. We will not be stuck in third-dimensional reality for those who choose to stay here to assist. We are dissolving many of the frequency limitations that have held most entrapped, and we are now disentangling ourselves from those energies that were placed here on earth.

We are looking at the greater good rather than at the individual or smaller groupings. We want to understand the third-dimensional density so we can learn how to transmute that energy and transcend that limitation and assist others. We are all in this together, and that is where the shift came from. We will continue to ascend and evolve, but we will evolve even in greater ways by staying put in focusing on all of humanity.

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