In this message, Sornia shares that we have really opened up our heart chakra and are strengthening the solar plexus chakra. We are expressing heart energy in our daily lives – speaking from the heart, thinking from the heart, and now we will combine it with the strength of standing in our truth that comes from the knowledge that we are all-powerful divine beings, and nothing can harm us, and this comes through the solar plexus energy.

We are now moving into opening up the solar plexus to the truth of what it really carries as its energies. This chakra is more challenging because the energies are very complex. The energy of the sacral chakra is creativity. In a woman, this chakra brings forth life, which is something that humanity has lost touch with. The sacral chakra is the seed of creativity and imagination. The sacral chakra has been shut down and harmed quite deeply, especially by the Western culture shunning and devaluing these energies. There is much for us to explore and for us to understand with the powerful solar plexus energies. When we open up the area of creativity of this chakra, we will feel our divine connection at all times.

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