In this video, Sornia describes how they (this grouping of souls that are part of the Galactic Federation referred to as “Sornia”) are here to provide guidance and support in the decisions we are making in this experience on Earth. Earth was designed by the Creator for the purpose of expansion of the soul. The role of spirit is to advise us when we are looking for what is the highest possibility for ourselves in any given situation. Our relationship with Spirit is an exchange. They love us unconditionally and will guide us to what is the highest form of response that we can find within ourselves.

Spirit communicates through vibration and frequency. At this time, the human form is lighter and the ability to communicate through frequency is more of a possibility. What is so important for us to understand is that we are all One and this feeling of Oneness will allow us to transcend the limitations of the earthly experience. This grouping called Sornia loves us all very much and they send their blessings and support to all.

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