In this video, Sornia discusses their function in communication and how we can access for ourselves information for our earthly journey. There are various souls, called mediums, walking the planet that have the ability to gain the information that Sornia can access. All of us have the ability within ourselves to gain information to assist us on our earthly journey. When we find ourselves yearning for understanding and have an open heart and open mind and put forth questions or desires, it goes to Spirit as vibration and frequency. The information will come back to us through our intuitive body. Our intuitive body is directly connected to the higher self and when we are open and have this relationship with Spirit, we begin to receive information in our own unique way. By becoming aware of our intuitive body, we have the ability to grow in our relationship with Spirit and we start to understand who we really are as eternal beings. By understanding the essence of who we really are our fears lessons because we know we are always connected to that eternal source of who we really are – that connection to Oneness.

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