Sornia's Messages

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a form of mediumship. During a channeled reading, Laurie is in a semi-trance state and allows beings from a higher realm of consciousness to communicate through her. They merge their energies so that the beings of light can communicate messages of guidance. Laurie finds that Sornia will always give the most loving and compassionate answers to those coming to her for a reading. Sornia is a teaching guide and seeks to offer spiritual teachings that allow the recipient to apply these teachings to his/her own life’s experience.

Channeling is a truly beautiful way to receive guidance and direction from the realm of spirit.

Who is Sornia?

Laurie works with one guide, Sornia. She and Laurie have been working together for many years. Sornia is an expression of the divine feminine energy and is the spokesperson for “Sornia’s Messages” that have been with humanity through humanity’s journey on earth. Some people call them the Galactic Federation, or the White Brotherhood (Ascended masters) which is a grouping of souls gives guidance, insight, and direction about life’s experiences.


The Three Lower Chakras

 The three lower chakras are the root, the sacral, and the solar plexus and the three corresponding subtle bodies are the etheric, the emotional, and the mental body. They are very closely intertwined with the physical experience more so than your higher…Read More

Four Subtle Points

In this video, Sornia discusses the subtle energy points. There are four subtle energy points: two that are just outside of your physical body, but within your auric field. The other two are within your physical body, but still part of your auric…Read More

Subtle Bodies

In this video, Sornia gives an overview on how we, as humans, are made up – our composition of the physical form connected to the non-physical or the subtle bodies. Surrounding our physical form we have seven subtle bodies that extend out from…Read More

Preparation For Incarnation

The earthly existence that we experience is an intricately woven design by each one of us and the Creator or Oneness. As we incarnate, a facet or ray of our soul comes into this existence with Oneness as an individual with a consciousness…Read More

Communicating With Spirit

In this video, Sornia discusses their function in communication and how we can access for ourselves information for our earthly journey. There are various souls, called mediums, walking the planet that have the ability to gain the information that Sornia can access. All…Read More

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