About Laurie

I have had psychic abilities all my life. As a child, I did not understand these experiences with spirit communication. I felt lost and alone for a good part of my life and was searching for something or someone that would bring me happiness. I finally realized that I had these spiritual gifts for a reason and decided I wanted to help people as I learned the importance of knowing who we are as spiritual beings.

In 2003, I turned to a psychic for an intuitive reading and discovered that I was gifted as a medium and pure channeler. Over the past fifteen years, my psychic abilities have expanded. The most significant changes occurred following cancer surgery in 2005 and 2013. In both cases, I woke up feeling different and noticed that my psychic and intuitive abilities were sharper and more finely-tuned.

My relationship with Sornia, my mentor and guide in the spirit world, has shown me that joy comes from within. Each of us is a divine being, and our true nature is compassionate and accepting. Some of us lose that connection to the divine when life hands us difficulties. I know it did in my case. Finding our way back to the truth of who we indeed are is vital and necessary for humanity and our planet.

I want to help others find that sacred place within themselves. I also know the great comfort it brings to someone who has lost a loved one to be able to communicate with their loved one and know that their loved ones are at peace and that we go on living beyond this earthly physical experience.