What is Channeling?

Channeling is a form of mediumship. During a channeled reading, Laurie is in a semi-trance state and allows beings from a higher realm of consciousness to communicate through her. They merge their energies so that the beings of light can communicate messages of guidance. Laurie finds that Sornia will always give the most loving and compassionate answers to those coming to her for a reading. Sornia is a teaching guide and seeks to offer spiritual teachings that allow the recipient to apply these teachings to his/her own life’s experience.

Channeling is a truly beautiful way to receive guidance and direction from the realm of spirit.

Who is Sornia?

Laurie works with one guide, Sornia. She and Laurie have been working together for many years. Sornia is an expression of the divine feminine energy and is the spokesperson for “Sornia’s Messages” that have been with humanity through humanity’s journey on earth. Some people call them the Galactic Federation, or the White Brotherhood (Ascended masters) which is a grouping of souls gives guidance, insight, and direction about life’s experiences.

Sornia’s Message – Introduction

Sornia is a highly evolved light being that is the spokesperson for a grouping of souls that are part of the Galactic Federation. They have come forth to offer messages of guidance to assist humanity in their earthly journey towards enlightenment.

Communion With The Sun & Sun Meditation

In this message, Sornia shares how important it is to remember the truth of who we are. We are working through the limiting beliefs that were instilled in humanity many thousands of years ago, and we are freeing ourselves from the entrapment of the 4th dimension or the Astral realm. We are learning to move beyond the manipulation of the Astral plane.

Turned A Corner To Your “I AM” Presence

In this message, Sornia shares that our communication with them has deepened, and we are now more connected with the spirit realm than we are with the third-dimensional earth realm. We have turned a corner to greater awareness of our I AM presence, and this will be increasing. Because of this, many are accessing information quite rapidly and throughout the day. We have raised our self-talk to a higher vibration, being more positive, loving, and compassionate, and this is what has allowed us to understand and sense our true “I AM” consciousness.

You’re Farther Along Than You Realize

In this message, Sornia shares many of their insights and observations. We are definitely shedding the old vibrations of who we are and acknowledging and enhancing the expression of the vibration of our essence over the vibration of our human self.

A Reboot Back To Wholeness

In this message, Sornia discusses the process of why souls choose to come to Earth, what occurs when souls transition to the afterlife, and why souls continue to reincarnate to Earth.
Sornia also shares that those of us connected with them are doing a type of reboot, pulling back from the parallel existences and timelines and bringing our essence back to its wholeness.

Exploring To The Ends Of What Is Possible

In this message, Sornia shares what is going on at this time with our consciousness. When we are in a meditative state, sleep, or an altered state of awareness and more removed from our five senses, our consciousness (our essence) has, for the majority, pretty much stayed in the Astral plane. Here, we meet with our guides, deceased loved ones, and pets, and it is a comfortable place to be.

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