Laurie’s gift is amazing!

WOW!! This is my thought of Laurie’s readings. She has answered so many questions concerning my loved ones that have passed. She has allowed me to move forward in life a happier person.

She also helped someone very near and dear to me. I believe Laurie saved her life after a child passed away to young. This person did a 360 degree turn around on life after her reading and for that I’m very grateful to Laurie.

Laurie’s gift is amazing!

– Sue Heldmann Dempsey

Definitely Consult Laurie

I always enjoy my visits with Laurie, I go in with a list of questions and come out with answers to all of them and things I need to take note of for the future. She is great with making sure I know exactly what my higher family wants me to take away with the reading .

Definitely consult her when you have some very big decisions you are about to make. She also is extremely gifted in expressing how your love one try and communicate with you. Can’t wait to let you know if my fate unfolds the way I hope it will, be on the lookout for an update.

– Sandy Y

Helped Me Live With Greater Peace and Certainty

Laurie has given me much guidance in a loving and non-judgmental manner. She, along with her spirit guide Sornia, have helped me to understand the experiences in my life. This has helped me to live my life with a greater sense of peace and certainty. I would recommend Laurie for those seeking to gain clarity about their life’s experiences and those looking for a deeper understanding lof their relationship to this world, and the spirit world. Thank you, Laurie

– Bonnie Kirshman

Patient and Sincere

I have known Laurie for more than ten years. She has been able to help myself, and several of my friends on their life’s journey. She is patient and sincere. Her support during difficult times has proven to be, for me, a valuable means of finding meaning to some of my challenges in life. Laurie has also helped many people, who have lost loved ones, to find peace knowing their loved ones are at peace.

– Amy Skiver

Genuinely Cares About Her Customers

Laurie Stimpson is a gifted intuitive. She genuinely cares about the people who ask for her insight. As Laurie provides a reading, she demonstrates a keen ability to see into the heart of the situation. She allows soulful essence to flow through her, providing messages with clarity and spiritual healing opportunities for those who seek her help.

~ Patt B.

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