Group Services

These services are group-based (2 or more people) that include group sessions, intuitive development sessions, and gallery readings.

Awakening Your Intuitive Self

In this class you will learn about intuition, types of intuition, and how to recognize your intuitive self. This class consists of intuitive exercises, meditations, and tools you can use daily to continue to develop and recognize your intuitive mind and body.

Channeled Messages from Sornia/Group Spiritual Guidance

This session brings forth messages from Sornia, a divine light being, that is an expression of the Divine Feminine. These messages are filled with compassion and guidance to assist all on their earthly journey. Participants have the opportunity to speak to Sornia and ask any questions that are on their hearts and minds.


Developing Your Intuition Practice

This session is an opportunity for you to practice your intuitive abilities with others in a relaxed setting. The class begins with a guided meditation to help align you with your higher self and intuitive body. Following the meditation, we practice intuitive exercises and conclude with practicing “reading” each other.

Gallery Readings

In a group setting, I deliver messages from loved ones who have passed away. The messages are loving, compassionate, and oftentimes humorous and entertaining. It is an uplifting experience that leaves those present with a sense of peace and well-being, knowing that their loved ones are still “alive” and at peace.

Messages from your Soul

Your soul designed its earthly journey. It had the desire to learn and expand itself to even higher consciousness through your human form in this earthly existence.
What did your soul plan to experience? How does your soul communicate with your human awareness?

This class will offer you techniques that will allow you to understand your soul’s messages. Everything you need to know lies within the soul and higher self. Why not learn to better understand those soul messages so that you can live your life in greater alignment with the authentic you.

Who Were You In a Past Life?

Do you have reoccurring experiences and patterns in your life? Do you feel emotions about experiences you may never have experienced? Do you wonder why you chose one career path over another or why you are drawn to, interested in and attracted to certain people and places? So many of these questions can be answered through knowing who you were in a past life.

This entertaining and informative event will give you insight into what your soul experienced in other incarnations. You will be given insight into what role(s) you had in other incarnations and what your soul was looking to learn.

Who Is Your Spirit Guide?

Every soul taking an Earthly journey will have spirit guides that assist and guide them from before birth until after death. Each of us has at least one guide, but most have more than one. In this event, I will be sharing with you one of your spirit guides and you will receive a message from your guide.  

Your 7 Chakras and Your Body’s Energy Systems

Chakra healing is a type of holistic healing, connecting mind, body and spirit (or what you may call energy). In this class you will learn about your chakra system, how it works, how to recognize imbalances in your chakras and how to balance your chakra system. We will also take a look at the body’s other energy systems and how they interact with the chakras.

By learning about your chakras and how to balance them, you can live your life in more balance and ease connecting you to wisdom and appreciation that connects you to all that is.


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