Group Services

These services are group-based (2 or more people) that include group sessions, intuitive development sessions, and gallery readings.

Group sessions

During Group Spiritual Guidance-Channeling, messages are brought forth from the realm of spirit, through me. I act as a channel/medium for the spirit realm bringing forth messages and guidance about spiritual and earthly experiences and cosmic energy patterns.

To most benefit from this session, come with questions; spiritual and earthly.

During a group reading each person present interacts with the spirit guide by either asking a question or allowing a message to come through. Sometimes the spirit guide will begin the session with a guided meditation.

Gallery Readings

In a group setting, I deliver messages from loved ones who have passed away. The messages are loving, compassionate, and oftentimes humorous and entertaining. It is an uplifting experience that leaves those present with a sense of peace and well-being, knowing that their loved ones are still “alive” and at peace.

Intuitive Development Class

This class is for individuals seeking to understand their intuition and their intuitive body. In other words: one’s unique and individual intuition. Each of us came forth to earthly existence with this ability. In order to develop and understand this innate ability, it requires belief and trust.

You will be introduced to your spirit guide or teaching guide. This guide comes forth in response to your request to develop and know your intuitive ability. You will learn to understand the ways in which you sense your intuition and how this energy feels to you.

The class includes meditation exercises specifically for connecting you to intuitive energy, along with intuition exercises, and working with other students in order to practice your skill.

These exercises are designed so that you can continue working on your own with what you have learned in the class.

Each student will leave the class with a better understanding of their unique gift whether it is working with animals, spirit guides, nature guides or what you discover through the class.

Chakra and Your Body’s Energy Systems

Chakras and Your Body’s Energy Systems is designed for those wanting to understand their body’s physical and subtle energy systems. This class gives you the tools to test your chakras, clear and balance your chakras, and meditations and exercises to strengthen your awareness of your body’s energy flows and how to keep yourself energized and aligned.

Creating Intentions

Creating Intentions is a class designed to help one set intentions by learning to discern what it is one wants. Knowing what we truly want in life requires knowing ourselves in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Laurie has created this class to assist each in discovering the beauty of knowing what it is one truly wants from life by tapping into the wisdom of the soul.


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