About Me

I am a psychic medium and channeler. Although I have had these abilities my entire life, I first began to understand them as I started to search for answers to life’s mysteries in my late thirties. Through this understanding, I began to offer psychic readings and channeled messages providing guidance from the spirit realm such as; loved ones, pets who have passed away, angels, and the Ascended Masters.

I am here to help people looking for guidance, understanding, a sense of belonging, and well-being to find that center within themselves. I intend to guide others to know themselves both as a spiritual being and a human being.

Intuitive/Psychic Medium Reading

Intuitive readings focus on the many aspects of one’s spiritual, earthly life and personal journey. The readings offer guidance and insight for living a spiritual life in physical form. Each reading is individualized, and the focus is on you and your unique life experience. During an intuitive reading, I am assisted by my personal spirit guides, your spirit guides, angels, relatives, loved ones, and friends who have passed away.

Channeled Reading

In a channeled reading, I focus on connecting with my spirit guide, Sornia. I enter a semi-trance state and allow the advanced being, Sornia, to communicate through me. This type of reading is helpful for those seeking guidance about universal wisdom and the spiritual significance of your personal journey. In other words, what is your soul looking to learn in this lifetime, and how can it best achieve it.

What happens in an intuitive reading?

It is a good idea for you to relax and listen, and let what needs to come through, come through. One thing I tell everyone is that this experience is spirit-led. What I mean by that is: you have a higher self and a soul that carries all the information you need for your life’s journey, and it is that energy I tap into for guidance. You also have deceased loved ones and spirit guides that surround you. These beings will offer advice and insight that help you on your journey. I always know that what is coming through is what you need to know at that moment, what’s best for you. Essentially, the reading is about you and for you.

What is a psychic medium?

A psychic is one that perceives information that cannot be perceived through the normal senses by tapping into the ‘auric’ field and universal energy. A psychic sees past lives, present-day experiences, and issues, along with future probabilities.

A medium is a psychic who also communicates with the world of spirit in the form of deceased loved ones and/or spirit guides. A medium shifts his or her own energy to hear, perceive, and connect with the consciousness of those who have left their physical bodies.

What is a channeler?

A channeler is one who connects with a consciousness that is not in human form and allows that consciousness to express itself through the channel. Channeling will enable one to make conscious contact with beings from higher planes of existence. There are an infinite number of consciousnesses in the universe available. However, most channelers work directly with their own personal spirit guide(s).

A channeled reading is best for those looking for spiritual growth through accessing higher knowledge and wisdom and for those seeking clarity about experiences and issues in life.

How I communicate with deceased loved ones, and they communicate with me?

My communication with those that have crossed-over comes to me in different ways. I “see” them with my third eye and I “sense” them with my energy field. Your deceased loved ones usually show themselves to me as they were when they were in physical form. They communicate by sharing feelings, symbols, and expressions or certain personality traits from their human existence. At times they show me objects that defined them when incarnate, such as fishing poles if they liked fishing or cooking utensils if they liked cooking. Your loved ones may say something that they often said when in physical form. At times they will give names, but not always. What they give me and how they communicate depends on what you may need at that time. Usually, they give messages of love and compassion that assist you with issues in your life.

Connecting with deceased loved ones.

Many times, during a reading, an individual wants to connect with a deceased loved one. I cannot guarantee that the requested deceased loved one will come through; however, they usually do. What can happen, also, is I may see a spirit who is remotely connected to you and they will introduce themselves in the reading.

A common question I’m asked is, “How do I know my loved ones are there with me because I can’t feel them?” Many people don’t feel their loved ones once they have crossed over. But your loved ones are going to be in communication with you, especially when they first cross over and you are suffering and in grief. So, what will they do? They will send you signs. It may be things like finding coins on the ground, finding feathers, seeing birds or animals, you may hear a song that reminds you of that person. Some are able to manipulate energy here on our plane of existence and will use electrical energy to flicker lights or turn them on or off. Your loved ones may make things move, knock things down, or make things go missing and you will find them in another place. They communicate in so many ways. All messages come with love and compassion – 100 %. They do not scold, they might tease you, but it is always with unconditional love. Your loved ones are in a higher plane of existence in which they are at peace and in my experience, they wish to share the joy they feel with you.

How to prepare for a reading?

It is natural to be a little nervous or anxious for your first reading. Staying open and coming with an open heart is very important for a productive reading. For the time that we are together, even if you have some apprehension, I ask you to pretend it is all real, so you can energetically stay open as this openness is how I am able to read you. If you are skeptical and wanting me to prove something, it will create a barrier to spirit communication and block my ability to read you and provide the guidance you are seeking.

Can you predict my future?

Future predictions are really probabilities, or in other words, possible scenarios that will play out. Your future is created in the present moment through how you choose to experience life. We are creative beings with free will. We are also interacting with other creative beings who have free will. Free will is the ability to choose how you experience life through your thoughts and feelings. Each day, ask yourself, what are you creating today through your thoughts and your feelings and where do you focus your attention?

What is the Importance of past lives in a reading?

The value of learning about a past life is that it reveals patterns, understandings, and any learning the soul is attempting to achieve in this lifetime. The Soul and higher self, embodied within the human being, are the ones wanting to get the messages across. I am reading the soul’s messages along with spirit guides and deceased loved ones.

Is there a difference between a phone reading or a Facetime/In person reading?

For me, it is the same quality, and I receive the same information whether doing a reading on the phone or in person. Often times, people feel it is more intimate sitting one on one.