In this message, Sornia discusses the importance of this time we are in. Many spiritualists have prophesized this winter solstice and the alignment of the planets as a time of the “Great Awakening.” A time for humanity to awaken to the truth of who we are as sovereign beings and free beings. During this time when earth may seem dark, it is so important that we hold and anchor in the light that is coming through and to radiate this out. As the darkness in the earth’s energy field is brought to the surface, it will need to be transformed and transmuted. It will take time. Now is not the time to relax. Now is the time to stay vigilant and to claim our sovereignty as eternal beings and to love. Find a way to feel compassion for all those things that are difficult to love. This is where we must focus our attention if we are to bring this light through, this love, this beautiful freedom waiting for us – it sees everything as being One. It sees everything as being from source. Now is the time that our ability to love and the healing power of love is magnified exponentially. We can all be healers in our own way just by loving.

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