Our Role in the Current Cycle

In this video, Sornia shares that we are currently in a cycle of the alignment of the planets and the eclipses that is compact, but not sweet. Many have been feeling lots of “old stuff” from the past coming up in their lives…Read More

The Importance of the Pineal Gland

In this video, Sornia shares with us the importance of the pineal gland in this next phase of our evolution in human form and how it is tied into the next progression of the expansion and unveiling and shedding of the limiting beliefs…Read More

Perception and Expectation

In this video, Sornia discusses perception and expectation and how our perception of our experience influences the outcome. The purpose of this time is to understand the degree to which we are the creators of our own experience in human form. Sornia discusses…Read More

A Shift is Coming

In this video, Sornia comes forward to share more about the emotional body and how many have been struggling with the attacks on the emotional body. Many, not all, have been feeling overwhelmed and at times debilitated by the lower vibrational energies. Sornia…Read More