Guided Mediation For The Pineal Gland

In this message, Sornia shares that as we are listening to these messages, they are watching the energetic exchange occurring between us and them, as well as how our energy system is responding to the messages. We are evolving the human form and integrating our entire energy system, which includes our physical and nonphysical bodies. There is an expansion that is occurring as we listen to the messages, and with each message that we resonate with that has some impact or causes a new and deeper understanding of our journey, our aura expands.

New Aspects Of The Awakening

In this message, Sornia shares new aspects we will be experiencing as part of the awakening. They recommend at this time to be observant of how we feel when we hear the messages and to listen to them as many times as we feel we need to. We are training ourselves to feel the messages rather than to know the messages. As we feel the frequency of the messages, we expand and are able to receive more information to decipher our world.

Living A Heart Centered & Timeless Life

In this message, Sornia comes forward and emphasizes the advances we have all made in our own journey on earth and in the world of spirit. We are remembering who we really are in the physical, and this is something that has not been done by humanity for eons.

The Frequency Of Truth

In this message, Sornia shares that during this time it is important for us to be very aware of the frequency we are sending out and be very aware what we are connecting to. We should become aware of where we are randomly or unconsciously connecting.

Meditation to Release Emotional Entanglements

In this message, Sornia shares that there is currently a frequency of stillness present in the world. This frequency of stillness is within us, and it is more vast and grand than we have been able to understand. The alignment of the energies…Read More

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