A Big Shift, A Big Move Forward

In this message, Sornia shares that there has been a big shift and move forward. The various energetic, magnetic, and electrical fields or barriers that the dark forces have created that have prevented us from accessing the information that is the truth of…Read More

Seven Waves Of Lightworkers

In this message, Sornia shares a bit of history on the “Waves of Lightworkers” that have been incarnating on Earth. The initial group or the first wave that came in were primarily from the Pleiades. The waves following the first up until the…Read More

Preparing for Disruptive Energies

In this message, Sornia shares that over the next two to three weeks, we will be entering into a stationary time period. The reason for this is because the energetic flow of information that will be coming forth needs to be absorbed by…Read More

You Are Where You Are By Design

In this message, Sornia talks about our relationship and exchange with them in spirit and why this is so important for us to understand. We were all part of designing this plan for this time of the ascension/great awakening on the planet. Before…Read More

Everything That Is Hidden Must Come To Light

In this message, Sornia shares that our period of “resting” has come to an end, and we are moving into a stronger emotional period of time. Everything that is hidden must come to light, and this is what will be unfolding over a…Read More

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