Everything is Energy

In this video, Sornia discusses energy and how everything is energy. Every thought, every feeling, everything we experience, our perspective, our belief systems, our physical body, our soul – all is energy and energy has a vibration and it has a resonance. In…Read More

Transcending Limiting Beliefs – Returning Home

In this video, Sornia continues her discussion on the ascension process and the energy of entrapment and limiting beliefs that we (humanity) are looking to transcend during this current situation of the pandemic. Sornia provides background information on how the matrix was set…Read More

The Coronavirus – Divine Love Perspective

In this video, Sornia shares another message offering support and guidance in regard to the Coronavirus. At this time, Mother Earth is evolving and giving birth to a new realm. During this time of ascension, we are raising our consciousness and elevating the…Read More

The Coronavirus – Rising Above Fear

During this time of fear in the world with the onset on the Coronavirus, Sornia shares an uplifting message on rising about fear. What is fear? Fear is not truth. It is an energy and emotion that is part of the human condition. When…Read More