In this message, Sornia tells us that our world is changing. We are moving and aligning with the energies, the frequency and vibration that is shifting on the planet, but many do not see it. We are being shown an illusion of things in the world being static, of stepping back into old patterns, of inactivity. Many are finding comfort with the world seeming to go back to normal, living our lives as we did before, but that does not exist. It was an illusion to begin with, but we must understand how all of us were part of the creation of that illusion. Now is the time to leave behind the limiting belief that this is our reality, as we experience it from the third dimensional plane as being truth.

We are divine and sovereign beings. Know your sovereignty so nothing can shake that foundation. That is the truth and that is what will guide you through the exposure of what the illusion is. You are an expression and the divine and you have complete control over your reality and this experience that you are going through at the present time is allowing you to see how you have been manipulated. Humanity has been manipulated by the dark forces for many thousands and thousands of years, but now is the time to free ourselves from this illusion.

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