In this message, Sornia shares that we on earth are moving in a beautiful direction. It is a very important time for all to take stock of where we are at, what we understand and feel, and who we are. Many are understanding the truth of who they are, and this has changed the trajectory of the timeline that we are on. Being multi-dimensional beings, we reside in different dimensions and our choices have created different timelines. Some of these timelines are very dark and limiting and did not move in the direction of the greatest good for all. Many are in the process of dissolving lower vibrational timelines. Some are completing these timelines with their consciousness by making choices that were brave or sacrificing for the greater good. These aspects of the soul that were in these lower vibrational timelines are or are in the process of extracting themselves and connecting back to the soul and seeking higher vibrational timelines. Those that are unable to extract themselves from the lower vibrational timelines will continue to have the opportunity to make choices to raise their awareness.

Sornia reminds us that we are responsible for ourselves and our choices. We can best help others by taking care of ourselves and evolving our own consciousness or taking the veils off to reveal the truth of who we really are as eternal beings. By doing this we are contributing to the greater good that all are connected to and that is where we will have the most influence that we would hope to have – that of helping others.

As we continue to raise our vibration and explore the truth of who we really are, we will gradually transition into the 5th-dimensional reality. Sornia encourages us to keep moving forward in the direction we are on, knowing ourselves as eternal, unlimited, divine beings claiming our truth and we will have everything that is meant for us to have.

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