In this message, Sornia reminds us that we are divine, eternal beings having a human experience. We take on a human suit when we come into this earthly plane and when we perceive the world from the five senses, we have a certain experience of the world that is filtered through limiting beliefs. It’s designed like this by dark consciousness to keep as many entrapped in a state of lack buying into the belief we are flawed because we are human, but the truth is that we are human, and we are incredibly powerful and expansive and are the masters of our own world.

Sornia shares that many who have taken on the human suit have come to earth plane for a very long time to transmute this dark consciousness’ energy and we each do it in our own unique way. By understanding that we are infinite intelligence, God’s creation expressing itself in human form and really knowing that nothing can harm us – this is called ascension or raising our consciousness. It is knowing the truth of who we really are.

All the darkness on the earth has to be exposed so that each of us can make a choice. We can choose to know ourselves as divine beings claiming our sovereignty, or we can choose to live in fear with limiting beliefs giving our power away. But by giving our power away, we are saying that there is something more powerful than the God spark within us because of being in human form.

Ask to be shown the way to your truth about the truth of who you really are and you will find it. That is your power. That’s your power switch. It’s your time now to make a choice. This is the great awakening that is going on on the planet. Awakening to the truth of who you really are. This is your strength. It is indestructible. Feel it in every fiber of your body that you are love, goodness, kindness, all of these qualities. It is your time to choose the truth inside of you.

Choose to know the truth of who you really are as an eternal and divine being expressing through human form. Feel it, anchor it and express your unique God spark in this world.

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