In this message, Sornia speaks to us about the recent assaults going on with the physical body. Many have fallen ill and there is concern over why this is happening. At this time, the physical form is no longer carbon-based, but crystalline-based. However, the physical form is adjusting to its new and higher vibration. It is not completely integrated. So, the dark forces are losing control over much of the population and are creating environmental factors that will potentially affect the human body in different ways. This is the reason that many are falling ill.

Spirit has been sending energetic impulses to help the immune system within the physical form to grow, expand, and strengthen. But the way that the immune system becomes stronger is through adversity. So, the physical form is learning to understand the assaults coming to it. Spirit has assisted humanity energetically by providing the frequency and vibration that is a higher frequency and vibration directly into the immune system and into the subtle bodies through the work that humanity is doing. Each will take in this added energy from spirit and the immune system will strengthen and grow stronger. It’s part of Spirit’s way of counteracting the assaults. Even those not falling ill are benefitting from this energy.

Instead of feeling afraid or concerned for those who are falling ill, look at this from the perspective of they are taking on a form of illness and their immune systems are strengthening through this experience. Nature provides everything that the body needs to heal, but to go through this time that we are living in with the greatest amount of physical strength is by knowing our true nature – that we are Divine Beings, an expression of God, an expression of Source. We are all-powerful and we have a purpose for being on Earth at this time.
Share this information with others. Connect with like-minded individuals and form supportive communities. Creating a community of strength and support for everyone is important for many will be awakening and will be frightened. By knowing and understanding your divine nature allows you to assist and guide others to understanding their divine nature.

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