In this message, Sornia gives a spiritual “Pep Talk” sharing encouragement and support for all of us on Earth at this time. Those in Spirit are supporting us on this journey, as it is such a very important time in Earth reality. By aligning with the truth of who we really are and staying to that truth, we are doing what we came here to do. Sornia shares that we are ridding ourselves of the need to rely on the human belief structure or limitations to find our way through our lives. We came into human form to learn about limitation to learn about these energies such as hate, greed, envy – all the energies carried within the cellular structure of the human form that have been passed down from generation to generation. We chose this because we saw the value of these experiences on a soul level, but with the great awakening we are in, it is time to say enough. We have learned what these energies are, but they are old and outdated and no longer serve us. We needed to experience these energies prior in order to understand what love was not.

Sornia continues to talk about Love and “they” want us to understand Love in an expansive way. We came here to bring in Love. To bring in that greater awareness of what Love is and in order to understand what Love is, we needed to understand what Love isn’t or find the Love in what isn’t being Loving. Each moment that we are able to Love another, to understand another, to be compassionate to one another, to be open and receptive to one another, we are breaking down the walls of the illusion by radiating Love into the world.

Sornia reminds us that we are brave, courageous, loving souls and without us this Great Awakening would not be happening. The energies have shifted in favor of enlightenment over darkness so keep on loving.

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