In this message from Sornia, they share that those individuals who have dedicated themselves to evolving their own consciousness and raising their own vibration and those who have been assisting others to awaken, have gone through a major energetic barrier. Through courage and bravery with a devotion to something greater than self, those individuals were able to stand in their own truth, and this is an expression of love.

Sornia has spoken of love in previous messages, but in this message, they continue to talk about love in a greater sense and by loving our human form we will be able to transcend the limitations of the physical form.

The major energetic barrier we just went through with great bravery and courage has been transmuted into love. This love will give us the strength to face the next obstacles that comes our way and layer by layer we will experience even more love.

As always, Sornia expresses love to all of us and encourages us to keep going as all is moving in a beautiful direction.

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