In this message from Sornia, they discuss more about the physical form, the non-physical form and what this means in the time period we are currently in. Sornia discusses our consciousness and the role of our consciousness in the earth reality and the other realities that we reside in. By raising our consciousness in this reality, we are remembering the truth of who we really are and our connection to source, God, and the All. We made the choice to come into physical form on earth in 3rd dimensional reality with the intention of understanding the limitations that we have created through our thoughts and feelings, that have been manipulated by this outside force, and how to transcend this so that we can free ourselves from what we have accepted as “truth.” We are working on our mastery. This time of “awakening” or “raising of the consciousness” is about remembering the truth of who we really are and each of us will find this in our own unique way. We are eternal, all-powerful creative beings and we get to decide how we are going to raise our own consciousness.

Sornia reminds us to go within and find the path that is unique to each one of us, because we are all a unique expression of God, of the Divine and when we do this, we will know with every fiber of our being who we really are and we look at the physical form as a complementary tool we use to be in this world. Sornia concludes the message explaining about the birthing from the non-physical into the physical and what a mind-blowing experience it really is to have a physical form. By asking to feel what this feels like and “feeling it,” we will understand something very profound about creation and ourselves and we will know it is the truth of everything.

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