In this message from Sornia, they share with us that we have just completed a cycle of feeling amplified denseness. The reason might surprise you. For those who have been feeling the darkness or denseness over the past months, these “lightworkers” agreed, in another state of being, to “push the envelope” so to speak, to see how the expansion could be pushed or accelerated. So, we allowed this denser energy that is part of the earthly realm, to be brought in, into our emotional and subtle bodies to feel it and to manage it so it really put the pressure on our emotional body. We allowed this so we could better understand this denseness and understand how damaging it is to the psyche and spirit of an individual, to their own emotional equilibrium.

For us to understand this, we needed to experience it. Sornia refers to it as how a woman or female creatures give birth. Giving birth is a painful process and we, in a sense, just gave birth to a new level of expansion. It was not easy. This cycle is completing, and we should be feeling a bit lighter in the weeks ahead, but Sornia shares that by agreeing to experience this and go through this dense period to understand it and work with it in our own emotional bodies, more pathways have opened up on the planet so that more people have access to compassion, love, empathy, and sympathy.

At the end of this message, Sornia reminds us that to feel the truth of who we really are, requires us to be still and to focus our attention within. Ask to be shown what it feels like to feel your connection to the Divine. By feeling this connection in a conscious way, we can find our strength, our truth, and our power and be able to stand in our truth in the face of great adversity because we know our connection to God, Source, Creator, with all our being.

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