In this week’s message from Sornia, they talk about understanding our true nature and the understanding of forgiveness. We have just come through a difficult cycle of heaviness, and it is now subsiding. Many should be feeling lighter, but the end result of this time period should be a greater understanding of our true nature. We should be able to look out into the world and observe the world from a higher vibration. As more and more is being exposed that is not of our true nature, Sornia reminds us that this is showing us the depth of the extension of the limiting beliefs and the systems that have been created and what has been keeping humanity entrapped for thousands and thousands of years. It is important to not fall into judgement or to become sucked into what is going on in the external world with the darkness and negativity, but to focus inward and understand how we are creative, sovereign beings and we all have the ability to be powerful manifestors and creators of our own reality.

Sornia also talks about the energy of forgiveness and steps for us to take in understanding what forgiveness means, first in the human sense. Then to take this into our quiet time or meditation to really connect to the energy of forgiveness. Sornia shares how important it is for us to really connect to the energy of forgiveness and to understand this energy to assist others.

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