In this message, Sornia shares information on a handful of topics. We are still in a time frame of working with the emotional body and understanding the role of our emotions are how they are a tool that we use to guide ourselves through the third dimensional reality. We are also working with understanding how the third dimensional reality was created and this is done by understanding how the emotional body and mind work together to create whatever it is we want – so manifestation. We are learning about this complex process of manifestation.

In addition, Sornia shares that we are still working on collapsing timelines from this incarnation, and this intensifies the emotional body, so allowing ourselves to step back and look at these experiences through the eyes of God, the Divine, will help hasten the completion of these timelines. The eternal part of each of us residing in the third dimensional reality needs to have completion of coming together fully and this is what the ascension is. The ultimate goal is for each one of us to understand that we are not separate from God, from Source, Creator, that we are that.

Sornia reminds us that everything is moving in a beautiful direction, that we are holding that light and love. We are in the process of creating heaven on earth.

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