In this video, Sornia comes forward to share more about the emotional body and how many have been struggling with the attacks on the emotional body. Many, not all, have been feeling overwhelmed and at times debilitated by the lower vibrational energies. Sornia shares that we are “choosing” to allow these lower vibrational energies/emotions into our own energy system and our next step is to “understand” the emotion(s) so that we can reclaim our sovereignty from that very emotion, whatever emotion that we have allowed in – anger, sadness, irritation, feeling like a victim, etc. We are creating this experience for the very purpose of liberating ourselves from the constraints and limitations of the human form.

Sornia reminds us that each of us chose to be here in the third dimensional reality at this time in earth’s evolution not only for ourselves, but for the greater good, and we have what it takes to go through this experience.

Sornia also shares that we are going to be experiencing a major shift in our reality in the next few months or so. We will be seeing the crumbling of the status quo. The structures, institutions, and limitations that were created by the third dimensional mind are crumbling because they were created with the third dimensional mind of limitation, but out of the ashes something more beautiful, more loving, and more compassionate will be created.

During this time, those who choose fear over love will stay in a reality that is fear based, more fear based. And those that choose love will stay in a reality, on earth still, that is based in love, compassion, and our true nature. It is not the complete Ascension, but it is a major shift, and they encourage us to choose wisely because we are paving the pathway for others to follow.

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