In this video, Sornia discusses perception and expectation and how our perception of our experience influences the outcome. The purpose of this time is to understand the degree to which we are the creators of our own experience in human form. Sornia discusses in greater detail where our perceptions originate and how our perceptions then create our limiting beliefs. Our perception is filtered through our limiting beliefs, and because of this is not always of the highest possible vision, that of source or the essence of who we are.

Sornia reminds us that these limiting beliefs have been in existence for many thousands of years, and the change doesn’t happen with a snap of the fingers. But Sornia, those that are a part of this grouping called Sornia, are assisting us in walking through this illusion of the third-density reality of how we are creating our own limitations and our own restrictions, this allusion of our world being a certain way. This is a very important time for us as we are being supported in understanding in a conscious way the illusion of the third-density reality.

As we walk through experiences that may seem frightening, but we see these experiences through the eyes of love and compassion and look at our fellow man with the eyes of love and compassion, we assist in opening the heart center of the body that is connected to Mother Earth and the heavens. When our expectation is one of love and compassion and we hold our expectation to being one of a beautiful outcome in difficult situations, that is our power and that is how we will transform our world.

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