In this video, Sornia shares with us the importance of the pineal gland in this next phase of our evolution in human form and how it is tied into the next progression of the expansion and unveiling and shedding of the limiting beliefs and perspectives. The pineal gland is the inner eye. It is the seat of inner knowing and what connects us to the heavens or source and this gland is becoming more activated in this next phase of our evolution. Many have been told environmental toxins have calcified the pineal gland, but Sornia reminds us that only if we believe that we then limit ourselves and create that limitation. By holding a picture of wholeness and sending our own energy going up to our pineal gland, seeing it functioning perfectly and brilliantly, that then becomes our truth. Nothing can harm us if we don’t let it.

Part of the shift that is coming is where our intuition and telepathy and that kind of communication becomes more real to us than what we have been experiencing in the denser third dimensional reality. This is part of the ascension, this raising of the vibration.

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