Hello everyone,

In this video, Sornia shares that the next construct we are to understand in our 3rd dimensional reality is the construct of “space.” Our space is very much molded and shaped by our perceptions. These constructs of time and space have allowed us to function in a certain way and they are evolving and changing because of the work we are doing.

Sornia suggests we be observant primarily when we are outside of our sacred places like our home. So being observant in the places we go to get coffee, or meet for lunch with others, buildings that we work in or places that we go shopping. Before entering into these spaces, ask to be shown the fluid nature of the reality of space and be as open and perceptive as possible. It is the feeling that we should be aware of, what is it we are sensing.

How we experience our environment is a reflection of what we are projecting out and this next learning will teach us what we need to know in our next steps of evolution in regards to freeing ourselves from the limitation of the limiting beliefs that we have accepted with the physical form. Now is the time to transcend all of these limitations and to be an expression of the divine in human form.

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