In this video, Sornia discusses how we can be manipulated by the dark energies. There is a war going on between dark and light and the dark forces have a great amount of tools at its disposal. It understands humanity better than humanity understands itself. This has come about through eons of control and manipulation. It comes on slowly so that the human being with each incarnation with the cellular memory becomes obituated and the soul that takes on that human form automatically slips into what cellular memory is in the ancestral line. This is why our world is in the state that it is in because this control and manipulation has been going on for thousands of years.

We are here at this time to transmute through this density and that is what we are doing, but the dark energies still have ways to manipulate us in our thinking and in our feeling body. Sornia reminds us that the more we take the time to know ourselves and we set that intention to know ourselves from that place within, we will get the information and be less influenced by these forces that are present in the 3rd dimensional reality. We are freeing ourselves from this and transcending these limitations.

We have control over this manipulation by knowing ourselves, speaking truth, asking to know truth, and talking to Sornia. This will be enough to transcend these limitations and to find our place in all of this. The more that we are able to be the pure conduit for the divine energies that are of the Christ consciousness the more that permeates all of everything that encompasses the planet, all of humanity, and all of the creatures on the planet.

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