In this message, Sornia shares that during this time for about a month, we may be feeling our “humanness” or an intensity and amplification in the lower vibrational emotions. We are being assisted by 9th dimensional light beings that are here removing a steel, electromagnetic grid that is covering earth. This grid was placed in by these darker forces that want to keep humanity as their slaves or entrapped or however you want to understand that so because this… it wasn’t time. Sornia states that the force of our own understanding of our divine nature that was understood by enough of us and that we are living and breathing and being that force – that this could be possible. As this grid is removed it opens up the pathways for humanity to access higher dimensional thinking, feeling, consciousness, and awareness.

Sornia encourages us to stay strong and to hold that divine light and love. As we do this, we also assist the 9th dimensional light beings with our energy to do the work they are doing with removing this grid. We are all in this together – we are all ONE.

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