In this message, Sornia reminds us that we are taking the time to understand the nature of our own existence in the 3rd-dimensional reality. We are radiating out the essence of who we are, raising the vibration on the planet, so others have access to this higher vibration to find their freedom and truth of knowing they are a divine being having a human experience.

Although we are residing in the 3rd-dimensional reality, many are becoming aware or will become aware of the other aspects of their soul that are having experiences in other vibrational realities. As we become aware of our essence in these other vibrational dimensional realities, we are releasing ourselves from the entanglement of being in the third-dimensional reality.

As we continue to expand our own consciousness and raise our vibration, we will no longer be subject to reincarnating in the 3rd-dimensional reality. We will be able to see beyond the limited space of this reality and begin exploring beyond 3D. The bottom line is for us to understand the purpose of everything at this time is to free ourselves from the entanglement of the earthly existence as is known by us in its 3rd-dimensional limited expression.

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