In this message, Sornia shares we have just gone through a period of a lot of tension, and it is part of a greater plan and it’s part of evolution that we are giving birth to something new. This is the process it goes through. We are working on understanding that going through something uncomfortable does not mean it is bad. It’s just uncomfortable and to experience whatever it is and glean from what it is that is of value to you and move through it. It will touch each person in their most vulnerable areas in the emotional or physical body. We are looking to master another level of understanding of who we are in human form.

We will be going through different phases, but we’re shifting the boundaries of the limitations that have been placed on us. The barrier keeps weakening and more of the limitations, fears, and anger is being exposed. Sornia reminds us to hold that unconditional love and acceptance for all and to be that beacon of light and love.

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