In this message, Sornia shares that we choose our personality and character traits along with choosing our family line when we incarnate into our earthly incarnations. We use our different personality and character traits, and tendencies to gain the knowledge we are seeking to gain from our experience. We really are in charge of every detail of our experience. To expound on this, Sornia gives an example of a controversial public figure in our world today that has had a profound effect on everyone. This soul chose certain character traits and personality traits through his family line in order to do something in our world that would have a profound effect on everyone.

Sornia also discusses that each of us is to use discernment by using our clear seeing, clear understanding, our heart chakra, and our solar plexus, which are the two main areas of receiving information that is valuable for us to discern public leaders’ intentions. Are these leaders truthful or deceptive? We are to trust our own abilities of discernment from the heart, from the gut, from our own knowing to be very aware of the intention of others.

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