In this message by Sornia, they share that “transparency” is the theme over the next few months. What does Sornia mean by “transparency?” We have been living in darkness. We have been living in a world that many call an illusion, a simulation, and others believe it is real. There are many ways to approach this, but we have been living in a reality that has much hidden from us. There is darkness or what many call evil on the planet that is coming forward, but there is also darkness in the form of ignorance.

During this time of transparency, Sornia advises us to use discernment and to really ground and center ourselves in the truth of who we really are. There may be things that seem devastating or frightening, and we may begin to question those we have trusted. This is the form of manipulation that the dark uses to keep us submissive.

We combat this by knowing ourselves, by going within. The truth of who we really are resides within us. Ask to know “what is the truth” and pay attention to every subtle feeling because it will come in subtly, softly, and gently.

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