In this message, Sornia shares that our period of “resting” has come to an end, and we are moving into a stronger emotional period of time. Everything that is hidden must come to light, and this is what will be unfolding over a very long period of time at an accelerated rate. We will more than likely be experiencing this on a personal level as whatever we have held back and hidden from ourselves will be exposed.

Sornia also shares that there may be events that will require our attention and being the observers from a place of calm, knowing that we are always safe will draw others to us and we will feel our connection to source, God, creator. We will feel our divinity to such a degree that nothing can come to us that would be of a frightening nature. It may look frightening to others, but we will know that we can transmute whatever it is through that beautiful, loving, compassionate, strong, and powerful energy of the divine.

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