In this message, Sornia talks about our relationship and exchange with them in spirit and why this is so important for us to understand. We were all part of designing this plan for this time of the ascension/great awakening on the planet. Before we incarnated, we all met and discussed who would best be fit to enter into physical third-dimensional reality and who would be best to stay behind in a support role.

This was all strategically planned out in terms of who would go where, in what locations, in what capacities, and in what ways in which those in human form would be best serving humanity and the great awakening here. Some volunteered; others looked at past experiences, and the tools learned that would be useful in certain locations, certain families, or certain experiences. This is the foundation of how we chose to be where we are doing what we are doing.

Sornia encourages us to be “active observers.” As we observe our experiences through the heart center, spirit receives this information as the highest frequency and vibration and is able to send back heart-centered information to best support us in this ascension.

Once again, Sornia is sharing information taking us into another deeper layer in our human experience as an eternal being because ultimately, that is the goal for all of humanity to see themselves as eternal beings having a human experience. This is the great awakening!

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