In this message, Sornia shares that over the next two to three weeks, we will be entering into a stationary time period. The reason for this is because the energetic flow of information that will be coming forth needs to be absorbed by all those that have these roles of being light workers and way showers. Staying heart-centered during this stationary time will be beneficial in order for the newly heart-centered energies, like grace and wisdom, to be absorbed through the physical and non-physical bodies. All human beings that have evolved to a certain place in their evolution can receive these energies.

This stationary time period of integrating these new heart-centered energies is to prepare us for the next wave, which will bring about disruptive energies. Those that have absorbed the heart-centered energies will have the strength and the fortitude to know that there’s a purpose behind this disruptive wave. These disruptive energies are meant to shake things up a bit and can manifest in thousands of ways.

As we move more into the winter months, we may see a “cracking open” that will show us more of the true nature of our reality, and we should see the degree of manipulation, mind control, and falsehoods that have been so deeply seeded into our reality. Many who have been unaware may become confused and afraid of what is being revealed, so it is very important that those who are heart-centered hold that energy and are there to guide others to find the truth within themselves, to be compassionate, to be sympathetic, and to provide counsel.