In this message, Sornia shares a bit of history on the “Waves of Lightworkers” that have been incarnating on Earth. The initial group or the first wave that came in were primarily from the Pleiades. The waves following the first up until the seventh wave have their origins primarily in the Pleiades, the Syrian realm, and the Acturian realm.

The first wave of lightworkers are those that would be older say the baby boomer generation or those that are in or near retirement. There were lightworkers before this group, but the focus of the first wave was to bring in that information to be the way showers for the divine light and love for the ascension. The next generation increased the amount of lightworkers coming through due to the work that those that were in the first wave did and so on it went like this through the incoming waves.

Those who are in their 20-30’s are in a group that has the largest amount of lightworkers that have stepped up and reincarnated on Earth. They are out in the world as healers, intuitives, and working with natural medicines. They are a very evolved group looking for ways to bring community together.

The seventh wave of lightworkers are those that would be 15 years of age and younger. This group has the largest concentration of highly evolved beings closer to the 12th dimensional reality and this is because all of the groups that have come forward before have been able to energetically lay the foundation for these subsequent phases or waves to come forward.

Sornia shares that we have history to other realms that are outside of the earthly existence that we are still very strongly connected to through our own soul connection and many are beginning to experience a conscious awake memory of having been in these coexisting realities. This ability to understand ourselves as multidimensional beings is just beginning and this is the goal and what we have chosen here on earth in this third dimensional reality is to understand ourselves as multidimensional beings.

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