In this message, Sornia shares that there has been a big shift and move forward. The various energetic, magnetic, and electrical fields or barriers that the dark forces have created that have prevented us from accessing the information that is the truth of who we are and our connection to source, creator, God, have weakened. So now, we can move forward.

There are pockets of groupings of individuals all over the world who have awakened and have taken on the responsibility of being the leaders that will step forward and lead others to the understanding of their true nature. There are also those in spirit who have been on the ships outside of earth assisting that have taken on a human form and have been able to penetrate those barriers. They are here on earth in rural, secluded areas and will be working to advance the human race and to help free those who are entrapped.

Sornia shares that now is the time to step forward and move outward to interact with others that are less friendly and less like-minded and get to know them and to understand them, not with our words, but with our essence. These individuals are the ones that will need the energy of compassion, unconditional love, and acceptance. Not all will have this as their role of stepping out in this way, but those that do will feel it and be called to move in this direction.

Remember always that love which is what the divine is, that love conquers everything. It always has and it always will. That is why there is never anything to fear. So be that love out in the world.

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