In this message from Sornia, we hear from another being that is part of the small group incarnating on earth at this time in order to assist. Many of us have been communicating with this group telepathically. Our world is changing, and our understanding of the nature of our reality is changing to such a degree that those that understand best are having or will be having the experience that will allow them to see through the veil of the density of the third dimension.

As we raise our vibration, we are removing the limitations that are imposed on a physical form in the third-dimensional reality. So, our perception is expanding, and our capability of interacting with more that’s out there is a natural outcome of having our vibration more a match to the vibration of these realities that are right there with us.

As we have these experiences, Sornia reminds us to use discernment and to know our own energy system to feel out if the experience is one to have that is one of benevolence or one to avoid. Not everyone wants to have these experiences, but many are ready for the world that we live in to open up to possibilities beyond what we perceive.

Sornia reminds us to continue to hold space for those that are in the public eye fighting for the good to come into the world. Those people in these roles are being targeted by the dark and feel the tiredness. They really need our help right now.

The benevolent beings are arriving in different places and different areas in smaller numbers but will continue to keep us posted through these messages. As always, we are so loved by our group, “Sornia.”

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