In this message, Sornia shares that we are in a phase of really experiencing the awareness of the struggle between the “limiting human you” being expressed and the “true you” being expressed. We have reached a point where being anything other than a loving, compassionate, accepting human being causes an energetic feeling within that leaves us quite aware of the “human force” to pull us down or cause us to feel less than loving, and this will increase.

We are moving, once again, into a higher state of consciousness, and we are bringing our physical form, all the non-visible bodies, and the emotional body. In particular, our physical bodies have been experiencing the raising of the consciousness. As the physical body is responding to the raising of the consciousness, there are deep emotional energies locked in the physical form that are looking to be released for healing. This may come about as aches, pains, and unusual physical symptoms. Some of these may be very difficult because there may be a great deal of physical pain associated with the symptom, but this is where we can bring out our “tool kit” and sit with the symptom and explore it from a perspective of the higher self or evolved consciousness that we have attained so we can put this restrictive energy to rest. The choice is always ours in how we choose to manage the pain and physical symptom of the human form, but the most important thing, no matter what, is managing any fear of death.

We are transcending that very limiting belief of death and what it means. We have been doing this already, but for the next few months, we will be choosing to experience the fear of death and transcend that fear so that we can truly, live our lives to their fullest.

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