In this message, Sornia comes through with some helpful reminders for this time which is filled with much tension. They remind us to really keep ourselves grounded in our earthly form but connected to our heavenly origins. Taking extra care of ourselves is very important.
This is a crucial time, and we may be experiencing, sensing, or witnessing a lot of irregular behavior on the parts of people we know or those out in public, and this may increase. There is a purging in the collective of lower vibrational energy that many of us are feeling.

We are at a tipping point. Sornia shares that they need everyone in human form who understands the incredible power we have as an eternal being in human form to shine that divinity, that light into the darkness. We have never been up against a force as strong as this one that would like to keep all of humanity in a state of submission. Looking for the divinity in each individual and focusing on that is what is needed right now.

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