In this message, Sornia shares that we are really experiencing and understanding that we are eternal beings having a human experience. Sornia shares about “sleep” and what is occurring during our sleep state. We are all experiencing our sleep in different ways as human beings, and this is because we are becoming aware now of what we have been doing all along as multidimensional beings having a human experience. For those that are having interrupted sleep and not sleeping well, Sornia advises to go into the feelings and sit with that and process it for understanding. As the darkness is losing its foothold, they are amping things up and our emotional body is being triggered. It’s important to understand what the interrupted sleep means – is what is coming up from external sources that want to keep us in a state of fear and anxiety or is it something from within that is to be understood and processed?

Another topic Sornia addresses is perception. Our perceptions create our reality and this is another area being manipulated by the dark. Sornia emphasizes that we pay very close attention to what we are experiencing in physical form to include the media, music, how people use their voice, language being used, advertisements, and what is this bringing up emotionally? It is so important to pay attention to how all of this is affecting us emotionally. Now is the time to be the open minded, receptive and discerning individuals we said we would be when incarnating on earth.

Lastly, we will be feeling the energy of restriction for the next few months. It will feel like a holding back and a pressure that we can’t move or feeling held back energetically. Everything we are doing is teaching us how to transcend the limitations of what it is that we are experiencing in 3rd dimensional earth as we keep continuing to ascend to a higher vibration to our true hone where we belong.

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