In this message, Sornia reminds us that we are the leaders and the teachers here to assist others. What they are seeing that is starting to be created on the planet is the energy of “doubt.” The dark has been controlling the planet for a long time, so their methods of controlling the planet are being made aware to all of us; therefore, we will be experiencing them, and as we go through the experience of being manipulated to understand it we can transcend that level of manipulation, and that is what is going on right now.

Another topic Sornia shares is that of “attachment.” What is coming up for many are our attachments to the physical third-dimensional plane, meaning attachments to material possessions and relationships. We are looking to understand how these attachments keep us entangled with some of the third-dimensional experiences we are looking to free ourselves from and then understand how these attachments have created our existence in a sense of how we feel about things. How can we experience freedom if we have such deep attachments that we can’t let go? As we understand this, we will be able to assist others who are experiencing loss.

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