In this message, Sornia encourages us at this time to sit back and understand the frequency and vibration of that feeling of love, of being united, of that feeling of loving each other from that place of just unconditional love and acceptance. They want us to be observers of our experience, but more than that they want us to be the creators of our experience and in order to be the creators and an expression of divine love and light it’s good to understand how it’s done. They want us to feel what it is that we are sharing. Feel that love, but again words in our language are just meant to give us the opportunity to express ourselves in a verbal way, but we want to know with our whole self, our whole being what those words really mean because that’s more important.

It is a time that is very opportune to go into a deeper understanding of those connections of that unity, of that deeper and greater love that we all have for each other because many are willing at this time, more so than others, to set aside the time and the energy and the attention to those that are close to us even if it’s just for a day or two.

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