In this message, Sornia shares information on how we are in the process of attaining mastery over the physical form. This is no easy feat. There is much information out there about the harmful effects on the physical form from the various chemicals, medicines, and products in our world. Many are feeling fear and worry. We have to overcome quite a bit that has been placed on the physical form and the emotional body and that includes our preconceived notions, our perceptions, and our limiting beliefs.

It’s not always easy for us to understand the power that we have as sovereign beings to choose whether or not something can alter us to such a degree that it changes us into something that we weren’t before. It can, but only if we give it permission.

We are divine beings, eternal beings. We are from source, from God, from creator. We are divine beings just having a human experience. By knowing our divinity and our God Connection so well and holding our thoughts and beliefs in alignment with the divine, we claim our sovereignty and absolutely nothing can harm us if we do not give it permission – absolutely nothing!

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