In this message, Sornia shares that the physical form is in a period of plateau and that we may be feeling the residual effects. We just have gone through a major phase with the physical form and most of us are in alignment, in balance with our consciousness, and our physical form is just about where it needs to be for that alignment to be harmonious and beneficial for the next phase.

Sornia shares that we should enjoy this time. They share that we all done so much to understand who we are and what is going on and there’s more that awaits us, but now is the time now that not much is going to be happening to affect us per se.

So, we want to take this time to integrate everything and kind of be quiet and still. It won’t last long, but we give ourselves these opportunities of sitting back and relaxing in a way and we do that because that’s when everything has that opportunity – our entire energy system – has that opportunity of integrating everything that we’ve been through.

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